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Food Service Equipment

A to Z Party Rentals has a variety of food service equipment available for your occasion. We offer everything from carving stations to gas grills, soup kettles to portable bars. If you’re looking for something special at your next event, try out our hotdog cart, ice cream cart, sno-cone machine, cotton candy machine or pretzel cabinet. These are customer favorites and always hits with both adults and children alike.

If you don’t see a special item on our list please give us a call or contact us and ask


Food Service Equipment

Heat Lamp$30.00

White Plastic Cupcake Stand$20.00

Stainless Cupcake Stand$20.00

Cutting Board w/Attached Heat Lamp 16″ x 24″$45.00

Chafing Dish (Roll Top)$25.00

Chafing Dish (Lafayette)$17.00

Chafing Dish (Round)$17.00

Chafing Dish (Gold Trim, oval)$18.00


2’x 3′ Charcoal Grill$70.00

2’x 5′ Charcoal Grill$90.00

2’x 4′ Gas Grill (Gas not incl.)$130.00

2’x 6′ Gas Grill (Gas not incl.)$160.00

Propane Griddle (22″ x 36″ Surfaces – Gas Not Incl.)$80.00

Single-Propane Cooker (Gas not incl.)$18.00

Butane Cooker-Single Stovetop$15.00

60 Qt. Pot$16.00

Cambro Storage (4 Tray)$35.00

Cambro Storage (8 Tray)$45.00

Cambro Storage (16 Tray)$60.00

Bar 4′ (White or Black Formica)$50.00

Bar 6′ (White or Black Formica)$70.00

Hot Dog Cart w/ Umbrella$125.00

Mini Hot Dog Cart (Electric Table Top)$45.00

Ice Cream Cart w/ Umbrella (Electric)$150.00

Sno-Cone machine (Table Top)$75.00

Sno-Cone Syrup Pump$6.00

Sno-Cone Syrup (Serves 60)$15.00

Sno-Cone Cups (200)$9.00

Popcorn Machine (Table Top)$75.00

Popcorn Machine w/Cart$125.00

Popcorn Packs (Serves 8 lncl. Bags)$2.25

Cotton Candy Machine (Table Top)$75.00

Cotton Candy Machine w/Cart$125.00

Cotton Candy Sugar (Serves 60 Incl. Cones)$15.00

Pretzel Cabinet$25.00

Cooler (12O Qt.)$20.00

Ice Tub (Plastic)$5.00

Ice Tub (Galvanized)$8.00

Super Cooler$25.00

Waiter Stands$4.00

Waiter Trays (Fiberglass)$4.00

Salad Bowl (2 gal or7 gal)$8.00


Soup Kettles, Electric (10.5 Qt.)$25.00

Bread Basket$0.50

Serving Fork (Stainless)$1.50

Serving Spoon (Stainless)$1.50

Ladle (Large)$2.00

Tongs 7″$1.00

Tongs 11″$1.50

Cold Bar (39″ x 20″)$40.00

Cutting Board$6.00

Cutting Station w/Drip Pan 18″ x 21″$25.00