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We Carry “Anchor” Tent Products Exclusively:
Fiesta Frame • Century • Navitrac • Century Mate • Fiesta Plus


There are different types of tents and many sizes and configurations. Each job is a unique situation so a survey of the property must be done ahead of time to ensure a proper installation.

At A to Z Party Rentals, we provide a wide range of tent rentals for every occasion. Our packages come a variety of configurations and sizes. We know that each job is unique, and that’s why we survey the location ahead of time in order to make sure that the tents are installed properly.

Our tents can provide your guests more than just shelter. They can transform your outdoor space into a ballroom with walkways, anterooms, and entrances.

Whether you are planning a large party, an outdoor wedding or any other event, you need to consider the comfort for your guests. Planning for an event takes lots of time and effort, and one of the factors to consider is the weather conditions during the event. Our goal is to help you create the best setting for your event with our tent rental packages. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning an event in summer or any other time of the year, we assure you that the atmosphere will be great just the way you have planned it.

Our tents can be climate-controlled to ensure you and your guests are comfortable on warmer or colder days. Seating, lighting and other accessories can also be added to provide the right ambiance for the event.

When looking for tent rentals in Long Island area, you can trust A to Z. We have a wide range of tent sizes to suit your requirements. We also provide help with your planning to make sure that you picked the right tent, tables chairs, place settings for your event. We have experts who are more than happy to speak with you in order to determine your needs. No event is too big or too small for us. We strive to provide you with all your outdoor party needs.

All of our tent rentals come with affordable rates. Aside from tents, we also provide tent accessories, flooring, and lighting. Proper flooring is needed to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests and to give you peace of mind throughout the event. Our team will take care of the set-up and removal of the tents.

Contact us today to learn more about our tent rentals in Long Island. We can provide you with information to make a smart decision regarding your event. You can browse through the photo gallery to see our tents being used for various events. Check out our price list and options below and makes sure to contact us for a free, custom quote. We’re looking forward to speaking with you about your upcoming events.

Tent Accessories:

  • Marquees of Different Lengths
  • French Window Sidewalls
  • Astroturf (Black or Green)
  • “Anderson” Style Double Doors 
  • Clear Sidewalls or Solid White (with tent)


  • Finished Wood Dance Floor (outdoor only)
  • Wood Sub Floor
  • Oak Parquet Dance Floor
  • Black & White Dance Floor
  • Floor Lock System

Tent Lighting:

  • Track Lighting
  • Up Lighting With Various Color Tints or Patterns (Par 56)
  • White Brushed Aluminum Chandeliers Call
  • Brass Chandeliers
  • String Lights
  • 4-Globe Lights (Frame Tents)
  • Various Style Hanging Chandeliers