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Glassware Rentals

We offer an extensive assortment of event stemware and glass rentals available to choose from. Don’t let your guests go thirsty! If you’re planning on having a bar, having a fully stocked set of glasses is a must.A to Z Party Rentals carries everything from water and soda glasses to wine, champaign, and beer mugs to make sure the drinks keep flowing. Our Event Specialist will help you determine types and quantities so that you don’t run out of glassware at your next event.

If you’re looking for a specialty item or don’t see the glassware you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll work to meet your needs.


$0.60Wine (8 oz.)

$0.70Wine (Teardrop)

$0.70Wine Bowl (9 oz.)

$0.95Cachet Wine Glasses (12oz)

$1.05Cachet Wine Glasses (16oz)

$0.95Water Bolla Grande (17 oz.)

$0.60Water Goblet (12 oz.)

$0.75Water Goblet (Teardrop)

$0.70Champagne (Bowl)

$0.85Champagne (Tulip)

$0.95Champagne (Flute)

$0.40Lo-Ball Rocks (6oz Round)

$0.50Lo-Ball Old Fashioned (10oz)

$0.50Lo-Ball Square Base (10oz)

$0.50Hi-Ball Square Base (12oz)


$0.60Pilsner(10 oz)

$0.95Martini Glass (6 oz.)

$1.25Martini Glass (10 oz.)

$0.75Irish Coffee

$0.60Beer Mug (12 oz)

$4.00Pitcher (64 oz)

$0.50Ash Tray


$1.00Salt & Pepper (PR)