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Dishware Rentals

Whether you are looking for fine china place settings for a formal gathering, casual table settings for your next event or something in-between, we have a variety of different plating options for you to choose from. When paper plates just won’t do, a classic table setting will help set your event apart. Decorate your tables with some of our favorite dishware for your next gathering! Contact us for a personalized quote and if you don’t find what you need, our team will work to find the right dishware for you!


Fine White

$0.70Dinner Plate

$0.658″ Salad or Dessert

$0.656″ Bread & Butter

$0.65Coffee Cup

$0.65Coffee Mug

$0.65Soup Bowl

$0.65Fruit Bowl

$1.20Tea & Toast w/Cup

$1.25Sugar Bowl


$2.00Vegetable Bowl

$5.0012″ Platter

$6.0013″ Platter

$10.0018″ Platter

$3.00Gravy/Sauce Boat



$0.75Dinner Plate

$0.758″ Plate



White w/ Gold Trim


$0.70Salad or Dessert

$0.70Bread & Butter



$0.70Soup Bowl

Glass Dishware

$0.75 Glass Dishware Dinner Plate

$0.659″ Luncheon

$0.65Salad or Dessert

$0.65Bread & Butter